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Daily Strides Premium

Your own time, Your own arena, Your own horse… This is the most versatile subscription based training for equestrians from all over the world.  Daily Strides Premium offers riders an opportunity to work with me, at a fraction of the cost.

Audio horse riding lessons straight to your phone.  Meaning that you can listen and learn anywhere you can bring your phone.

The lessons are packed full of step by step instruction to make sure that you not only learn, but take action the next time you are in the saddle. 

Learn and improve your riding while you commute to work, keep fit, clean the house, on the way to the barn, while at the barn and, most importantly, in the saddle.

Find out more & join today HERE

Returning to Riding

The complete online program for novice riders which takes you step by step through the basics you need to understand and apply in your riding.

You will finish Returning to Riding with the solid foundation you need in order to really begin ‘riding’ your horse. 

Returning to Riding was originally created for the rider who wanted to get back in the saddle after a significant break.  The original six week, day by day, step by step program is still inside of the Returning to Riding Program, however it is now so, so much more.

My passion is to help riders understand why they are doing what they are doing in the saddle.  This program explains all of this and more.  Easy to follow videos, audio programs and exercises will ensure that you can begin making the transition from ‘Passenger’ in the saddle, to ‘Rider or Influencer’.

Returning to Riding opens its doors twice a year.  To find out more and either join the waiting list, or the program (depending on when you are reading this) visit HERE

Clarity & Confidence Riding Program

This complete online program is for riders who want to increase the positive influence they have with their horse from the saddle.

Based on the traditional training scale, it will help you understand and put into practice a tried and proven system to improve your horses way of going.

Each module is based on a principle of the training scale and you will discover what each one really means.  You will also learn how they are all connected and how they work together to create a complete training system for horse and rider.

This is perfect if you have hit a plateau in your progress or feel there are ‘gaps’ in your riding knowledge.  It is essentially a step by step breakdown of how all the pieces work together to create a great conversations between horse and rider.

The Clarity & Confidence Riding Program opens its doors twice a year. You can find out all the details & either join the program or the waiting list to be notified of when the doors open HERE